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Topic: Some innovation IOT Systems Integration and Applications

Keynote Speaker: Professor Sung-Jung Hsiao, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology


IoT (Internet of Things) System is a rapidly developing area, a combination of Network, mathematics and computing technology, in order to enhance the complex sensors network and data aggregation. Traditional Wireless Sensors Networks method does not have the ability to process hung amounts sensors signals that is why the Wireless Sensors Networks design often only one cluster or one-layer framework. This speech issue brings together some of the optimal fusion of innovative information technology and methods and it provides to the listeners on this issue have further improved System Integration and Applications in Wireless Sensors Networks. This will allow scientists to develop smarter process strategies for multi-sensors signals and data.

Speech Issue Topics:

1. Automation Aquaculture and Environmental Monitoring System
2. Remote Medical Care System
3. Wisdom LED Lighting Control System
4. Intelligent Life Environmental Monitoring
5. Ongoing projects

Recent Publications

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